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angel websites

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in so long!

I spend most of my time on facebook, because there are soo many spiritual groups there and so many wonderful things to see! lol I hope we can bring that to livejournal as well.

Here are some wonderful websites and pages:

I found these websites very interesting and unique. Hope you will all like them!

Much love to all,

free, valuable information

Just wanted to share the latest information:

Lots of free webinars, energy tools (for grounding and managing your energy field)
and archives.

Jim Self has been able to recall what happens after the dream state, but I'm not too concerned with his biography. I am listening to all of his recordings and my mother is taking the Level I course.

This has helped me tremendously, in understanding what is going on with the physical body and waves of light that are coming in. *He will be alongside Steve Rother (from lightworker.com) at the 10-10-10 conference (his only public appearance this year).

May you be blessed with all things good...

"May you be blessed with all things good...

May your joys, like the stars at night, be too numerous to count...

May your victories be more abundant, than all the grains of sand... See More
on all the beaches, on all the oceans, in all the world...

May lack and struggle, only serve to make you stronger...
and may beauty order and abundance be your constant companions...

May every pathway you choose lead to that which is pure and good and lovely...

May every doubt and fear be replaced by a deep abiding trust...
as you behold evidence of a Higher Power all around you...

And when there is only darkness and the storms of life are closing in...
May the light at the core of your being illuminate the world...

May you always be aware you are loved beyond measure...
and may you be willing to love unconditionally in return...

May you always feel protected and cradled in the arms of your believe...
like the cherished child you are...

And when you are tempted to judge, may you be reminded that we are all ONE
and that every thought you think, reverberates across the universe,
touching everyone and everything...

And when you are tempted to hold back,may you remember that love flows best when
it flows freely and it is in giving that we receive the greatest gift...

May you always have music and laughter and may a rainbow follow every storm...

May gladness wash away every disappointment and may joy dissolve every sorrow
and my love ease every pain...

May every wound bring wisdom and every trial bring triumph and with each passing day...

May you live more abundantly than the day before...

May you be blessed and may others be blessed by you...

This is my heartfelt wish for you..."


Underground Lightworker crystals

Hi! So I was listening to Doreen Virtue again.
She mentioned a few important crystals, which are great for lightworkers.
Obsidian - grounds and protects you, especially if you are sensitive to others' energies (you may notice this if you are picking up physical illness in busy places) *I have this, it's totally black (I also have a rose quartz)
-Hang a crystal around your neck when going into these sensitive environments

Before using your crystal, clear it with the intention to clean it's energies and have a pure intention of what you need it for.

My higher self is telling me that "crystals provide access"..which to me, means that they can open you up psychically. I personally have a labradorite pendulum that was recommended to me by an intuitive reiki teacher.

Quartz crystal is a great healer.

I would love to hear what kinds of crystals are your favorite!

Recently I receive Tiger's eye from a friend, and turquoise from my great aunt (turquoise protects you). I gave away a selestite (sp?) to a woman who was trying to connect with her guardian angel. Now I want one for me!

Bless you! Have a nice day =) And remember to follow your dreams. <3

Today's Blessing (it was really good)

The Morning Blessing


FAQs asked of the Oldest Angel -

The Answers Are Quite Simple:


Who am I? 

 Spirit in a body.


Where do I come from?

The one spark of All that seeds this entire universe.


What am I here to do?

Align & Design; become the creator you already are.


How do I ascend?

Make a decision to do it, and follow that decision all the way through.


What is my karma?

None. Take yourself off old programming, 

you planned a life that would suit

an optimum space to study, understand, rise above

density and demonstrate what pure perfection

under One Light truly is.


Who are the chosen ones?

They that choose their own evolvement and go for it,

God is an equal opportunity employer.




Our Divine Potential is One with the limitless perfection of God.

All Life is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent because

the facets of  Spirit are electrified within every electron of energy. The

patterns of Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Vibrant Health, Limitless

Abundance, Illumined Truth, Reverent Will, Harmony, Balance, and

Joy radiate a new, higher potential each day.


I have everything I need within to succeed at living my heart's call.

There is nothing external I need to gain. All I have to do is listen to

my own center of universal devotion -- the heart, and respond according

to my Inner Knowing.  I am the activity and influx of Divine consciousness

living a human adventure. It is vital at this place in my spiral of evolution

that I remember the gift of the internal map. The mastery that I seek is not

without, it is within. It is the energy that vibrates through the core of my 

being and radiates out through the heart. My heart knows fulfillment; filling

to overflowing when the creator part of me partners with the soul's awareness.

Yes, it tells me what feels full and fulfilling and that is how I tell if I am headed

in the right direction. 


How grateful I am to claim the Truth of  Spirit that takes the form of the messenger

within my heart. Open to receive more of what is fulfilling; that true sense of power

in my core I give these words Divine Momentum by placing them in the Law that

will see them blossom into my personal potential. And so it is.


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©2010 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.
The Morning Blessing

Dear Luiza,
How about a layman's look into the holographic body of light and matter which we are today?

We are a part of all that is: our consciousness sprang out of the Silence which is known as the void or vacuum in Quantum Physics.

This first sprouting of consciousness comes out of the Silence as waves, a frequency of light. The photons of light travel till they hit something, then change from a wave to a particle and an antiparticle.

These particles cluster together and start to form the atoms of our body, the positive particles to the centre forming the nucleus and the negative antiparticles forming the electrons.

These groups of atoms cluster together to form our molecules; the molecules cluster to form the cells and DNA. The cells cluster to form the organs and bones etc., and all the parts together form the whole person.

Our body is an interference pattern of light that has changed from a wave to a solid and grown more and more complex as it has built up the layers through evolution and self-knowledge.

Know also that we are a reflection of the whole: that, at the time of our birth, the pattern of the stars was inlaid within us like taking a photograph. That is why astrologers can predict our future from the position of the stars.

This connection also gives us great power, because each part of a hologram reflects the whole. Therefore, when we change a part of ourselves the whole universe has to adjust to reflect the change.

If you take a holographic photograph of a three-dimensional object, cut it up into 100 pieces, and then get a laser and shine it through any one piece, you still see the whole image but each piece will give you a different perspective.

Human consciousness is the same: we all see the whole, but each person is seeing it from a different perspective. Pure Consciousness is shining through us like laser light: shining from the void or vacuum outwards. That is what is creating the ever-expanding universe.

This constant flow of light and consciousness is what maintains our body and what is, in fact, life.

Know that by becoming aware of ourselves at these more subtle levels we can change ourselves just by our intention. If we choose to create from Source, to manifest out of the Silence, then you could say that we become like gods ourselves - or sorcerers or wizards.

Know that this field of Silence, although it is empty, like a vacuum, is full of neutral or potential energy. This field contains all knowledge and is the source of each of our consciousnesses; gifts like telepathy, knowing the future (precognition), etc. work through this field.

By changing yourself you change the world and the universe,



God is the One Source that blazes throughout the Circle of Life.

I now stand before the Light of God, and all my earthly vehicles

are brought into perfect alignment forming a Creational Vortex

that moves this God consciousness forever before me, in me,

and around me. This creational force is the purity of Divine Love

and It responds to what I speak, what I believe, and what I know.


I Am One with God's Legions of Light expanding the harmony of

Humanity's true Being. The freedom of Spirit fills my physical,

etheric, mental, and emotional vehicles with tones of cosmic

harmony, and draws these bodies into alignment with my God

Self. I allow the Light of God to constantly maintain a state of

peace and calm in my outer mind. Thoughts and feelings that

conflict with humanity's divine plan are instantly dissolved.

My faith lies in knowing that we are bathed in a Power that

only knows the melody, color, and harmony of what is Good

and Great, so that all life will feel at One with the Infinite's

exquisite, prismatic, cascading consciousness.


In deep humility and gratitude, I am saturated with this blessing,

and I fully accept this Truth. I let go. I let God. Humanity  and

all life is evolving on Earth. And so it is.


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© 2010 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.

Today's Blessing by Angela Peregoff

There is a Power for Good in the Universe, and I can use It.
I am One with that Power. It inspires me, moves through me,
and expresses as me.
I am the author of my experiences. Only I write the script for
my life, no person, power, or thing can change or limit what
I create. I choose to write a story of perfect health, prosperity,
success, abundance, love and joy. I have the power to be
anything I choose to be, go anywhere I want to go, and do
anything I want to do.
What I will be is up to me, for I write the story of my life. I
accept this responsibility with gratitude and live the life I
desire with love and joy. As this is already known as Truth
in the Universal Mind, I release my word to the Law and
simple let it be so. And so it is.

Today's Blessing (important)

Morning Blessing: 02.22.10
Pick a Reality, Any Reality? 
  Reverend Angela is offically part of the Facebook tribe! If you would like to connect with her in this land of exploration and collaboration click on the following link: Angela's Facebook Page

"It was completely fruitless to quarrel with the world, whereas the quarrel with oneself was occasionally fruitful and always, she had to admit, interesting." - Soren Kierkegaard

Dear Luiza,  

The weeks of February have provided many ups and downs as our world has been set into its 2010 motion of rhythmic transformation.  If you nothing else this year - you will come away with the understanding that change is constant, as change stimulates consciousness to grow into new areas of activity. Large cosmic cycles have been setting the stage for a new decade full of unprecedented changes that will transform the world's understanding of reality. New perspectives and ideas about the larger vistas of existence are influencing you beyond what your modern mind can comprehend even as you read these words.

While working and living within your personal layers of reality remain mindful that your work is to lay the foundation of what you chose to manifest this year. We are in a year of having "all" (all possibility, truth, and realities, good and bad) open to us. That means there is a heavy duty mixture of golden opportunities and major challenges. It is paramount that you keep your heart and minds pointed towards desired outcomes and not get tricked by the traditional glimpses of limitation and drama.   

As daylight quietly grows over the course of the winter weeks you will naturally be inclined towards respite, perhaps reflecting on the whys and whatfores of your life. The time gives you the opportunity to revisit and remake your core values, and to strengthen and tweak them in the areas that may be weak. You will be hearing and feeling the highest highs within yourSelf and also the lowest lows. The necessity of healing duality in this realm means that extremes of division are present everywhere - internally as well as externally.

Feeling lonely, disconnected, lost, restless, and empty one day or week and the delights of self-confidence, courage, adventure, sure-footedness, and excitement on another will be normal depending on what you are processing according to your Soul growth. The important piece is to remember that dualities, like polarities, oppose themselves and the constant struggle between the divisions can promote discord of Spirit. Do not fear the spectrum that is reaching for wholeness. Be in touch with what is happening in and around and for you. The Divine is simply making certain your shadow grows shorter within the larger context of a cosmic plan.

Remember too that your body is powered by the Sun, influenced by the stars and balanced by the cyclical increases and decreases of light. The Sun and stars transmit a language of light that conveys information on frequency waves to all forms of consciousness throughout the cosmos. The Sun's influence is greatest from spring to autumn when sunlight awakens life on Earth and stimulates your body with new vitality. During winter, when the Sun is low in the sky, the stars reign over the long nights to draw your consciousness into the cosmos. In the midst of winter's dark nights, when velvety skies sparkle with the brilliance of the far distant stars, turn your attention to the grand panoramas of the heavens. Energies from the stars recharge your body and Nature in a more subtle manner that the direct rays of the Sun. You can use your third eye to integrate the energies of the cosmos by imagining starlight passing through the crown of your head, down through your body and out your feet, into the Earth.

Cosmic and Divine energies are compelling you toward a healthy Soul glow but in the process these energies seem to churn up every area of life, affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being. The turmoil is part of the process of change. You are in a collective initiation of consciousness, challenged to rise to new heights of creativity and chart a new and responsible course toward a worthy future. When you open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities you gain further insight and understanding into yourself and the world at large.

This is exactly what was happening in the United States with the rash of snow storms that brought the entire East Coast to a halt. In Divine Right Order those areas were being given a healing dose of responsibility and individuality. The theme of the year is "wholeness within the Self" and to that end we will be immersed in experiences that steer us toward that goal. Think about it, when a soul incarnates into a cold climate their survivor instincts have to be keen. It is quite different from living in a warm or tropical climate where you can roll out of a hammock and pick a piece of fruit for breakfast. There is hunting to be done in order to eat, shelter to be constructed to stay protected from the elements, food preservation and storage that has to be taken care of to survive the lean times, etc. A colder climate makes you grow up and be more responsible - more of an individual.

The snow storms brought in some of those energetic principles for the East Coast consciousness of the US. The consequences of the weather asked people to grow up and bring in that internal ingenuity of who they are uniquely in order to survive. It is part of the "awakening" energy of February that was answering a collective call to heal the belief of "I can't take care of myself."  Energetically the cold made individuals grow up as a Self and the wind (oy, did we have wind) cleaned things up.

And just to be a little synchronistic here, the last time Washington DC received snow medicine like this it was 1922 - right before the Great Depression. That was also a time when the human psyche was setting the stage for a grand revolution of the mind and spirit so that it could survive and creatively rebuild after that impactful and worrisome period.

Invisible forces test and initiate, and at the same time grace, guidance, and love are ever present to gift you with the recognition of your own power. As you engage this last week of February and build the version of reality that suits you best stay focused on developing an abiding trust in yourself and recognizing the innate beauty and goodness of life. Be open to the belief that everything will always work out for the highest good of all concerned, and always in your favor.

The years 2010 and 2011 will stir world society into intense times of change, as spirit meets matter in a revolution of reconnection. The growing pressure to live through changes accentuates one's spiritual discoveries and provides a foundation for understanding how the game of life is played in connection to your purpose and path of Light.  

Who-dat for all my beloved visionaries of Potential,


Indeed God is the One infinite spirit which fills all the universe

with Himself alone, so that all is from Him and in Him, and there

is nothing that is outside. It is within this One presence that I

live, move and have my being. In this light then I see myself and

all others in the context of One Divine Reality.


Saturated with Divine Life, I am guided daily in balance and bliss.

The ceremony of this day blesses me in God's perfection. I stand

in freedom and empowerment of my spiritual connection. The world

is new for me each moment. I look at everything in my path as fresh,

radiant, and sparkling. The reservoir of my authentic God self, which

is without limits, sets about the joy of transcending my visions of

what I think life is supposed to look like. I know it is possible for this

higher power to play, to work, to manifest through me now!


A lifetime of newness is my gift from the Infinite today, and I accept

it with gratitude. In the perfect center of my being, I honor, celebrate,

and rejoice. Love is the fulfillment of the Law, and I am of Its glorious

expression as I release my word and receive the bounty of a generous

and giving God. And so it is.



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©2003 - 2010 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.

Message from AA Zadkiel

"Believe, believe in yourself! For all that is you is within you. All that you wish to transpire to; is within you. All that you wish to be, to have and to love is within you… believe in you, for there is no other like you and there will never be another like you. Live, love and laugh, for all that is life … is you. Believe." ~ AA Zadkiel ~

Poem by Maya Angelou

Touched by an Angel

We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

Love arrives
and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold,
love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.

We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love's light
we dare be brave
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.

Maya Angelou

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