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Today's Blessing (it was really good)

The Morning Blessing


FAQs asked of the Oldest Angel -

The Answers Are Quite Simple:


Who am I? 

 Spirit in a body.


Where do I come from?

The one spark of All that seeds this entire universe.


What am I here to do?

Align & Design; become the creator you already are.


How do I ascend?

Make a decision to do it, and follow that decision all the way through.


What is my karma?

None. Take yourself off old programming, 

you planned a life that would suit

an optimum space to study, understand, rise above

density and demonstrate what pure perfection

under One Light truly is.


Who are the chosen ones?

They that choose their own evolvement and go for it,

God is an equal opportunity employer.




Our Divine Potential is One with the limitless perfection of God.

All Life is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent because

the facets of  Spirit are electrified within every electron of energy. The

patterns of Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Vibrant Health, Limitless

Abundance, Illumined Truth, Reverent Will, Harmony, Balance, and

Joy radiate a new, higher potential each day.


I have everything I need within to succeed at living my heart's call.

There is nothing external I need to gain. All I have to do is listen to

my own center of universal devotion -- the heart, and respond according

to my Inner Knowing.  I am the activity and influx of Divine consciousness

living a human adventure. It is vital at this place in my spiral of evolution

that I remember the gift of the internal map. The mastery that I seek is not

without, it is within. It is the energy that vibrates through the core of my 

being and radiates out through the heart. My heart knows fulfillment; filling

to overflowing when the creator part of me partners with the soul's awareness.

Yes, it tells me what feels full and fulfilling and that is how I tell if I am headed

in the right direction. 


How grateful I am to claim the Truth of  Spirit that takes the form of the messenger

within my heart. Open to receive more of what is fulfilling; that true sense of power

in my core I give these words Divine Momentum by placing them in the Law that

will see them blossom into my personal potential. And so it is.


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