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Underground Lightworker crystals

Hi! So I was listening to Doreen Virtue again.
She mentioned a few important crystals, which are great for lightworkers.
Obsidian - grounds and protects you, especially if you are sensitive to others' energies (you may notice this if you are picking up physical illness in busy places) *I have this, it's totally black (I also have a rose quartz)
-Hang a crystal around your neck when going into these sensitive environments

Before using your crystal, clear it with the intention to clean it's energies and have a pure intention of what you need it for.

My higher self is telling me that "crystals provide access"..which to me, means that they can open you up psychically. I personally have a labradorite pendulum that was recommended to me by an intuitive reiki teacher.

Quartz crystal is a great healer.

I would love to hear what kinds of crystals are your favorite!

Recently I receive Tiger's eye from a friend, and turquoise from my great aunt (turquoise protects you). I gave away a selestite (sp?) to a woman who was trying to connect with her guardian angel. Now I want one for me!

Bless you! Have a nice day =) And remember to follow your dreams. <3


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Apr. 2nd, 2010 07:21 am (UTC)
I love the rose quartz. <3
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