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The Morning Blessing

Dear Luiza,
How about a layman's look into the holographic body of light and matter which we are today?

We are a part of all that is: our consciousness sprang out of the Silence which is known as the void or vacuum in Quantum Physics.

This first sprouting of consciousness comes out of the Silence as waves, a frequency of light. The photons of light travel till they hit something, then change from a wave to a particle and an antiparticle.

These particles cluster together and start to form the atoms of our body, the positive particles to the centre forming the nucleus and the negative antiparticles forming the electrons.

These groups of atoms cluster together to form our molecules; the molecules cluster to form the cells and DNA. The cells cluster to form the organs and bones etc., and all the parts together form the whole person.

Our body is an interference pattern of light that has changed from a wave to a solid and grown more and more complex as it has built up the layers through evolution and self-knowledge.

Know also that we are a reflection of the whole: that, at the time of our birth, the pattern of the stars was inlaid within us like taking a photograph. That is why astrologers can predict our future from the position of the stars.

This connection also gives us great power, because each part of a hologram reflects the whole. Therefore, when we change a part of ourselves the whole universe has to adjust to reflect the change.

If you take a holographic photograph of a three-dimensional object, cut it up into 100 pieces, and then get a laser and shine it through any one piece, you still see the whole image but each piece will give you a different perspective.

Human consciousness is the same: we all see the whole, but each person is seeing it from a different perspective. Pure Consciousness is shining through us like laser light: shining from the void or vacuum outwards. That is what is creating the ever-expanding universe.

This constant flow of light and consciousness is what maintains our body and what is, in fact, life.

Know that by becoming aware of ourselves at these more subtle levels we can change ourselves just by our intention. If we choose to create from Source, to manifest out of the Silence, then you could say that we become like gods ourselves - or sorcerers or wizards.

Know that this field of Silence, although it is empty, like a vacuum, is full of neutral or potential energy. This field contains all knowledge and is the source of each of our consciousnesses; gifts like telepathy, knowing the future (precognition), etc. work through this field.

By changing yourself you change the world and the universe,



God is the One Source that blazes throughout the Circle of Life.

I now stand before the Light of God, and all my earthly vehicles

are brought into perfect alignment forming a Creational Vortex

that moves this God consciousness forever before me, in me,

and around me. This creational force is the purity of Divine Love

and It responds to what I speak, what I believe, and what I know.


I Am One with God's Legions of Light expanding the harmony of

Humanity's true Being. The freedom of Spirit fills my physical,

etheric, mental, and emotional vehicles with tones of cosmic

harmony, and draws these bodies into alignment with my God

Self. I allow the Light of God to constantly maintain a state of

peace and calm in my outer mind. Thoughts and feelings that

conflict with humanity's divine plan are instantly dissolved.

My faith lies in knowing that we are bathed in a Power that

only knows the melody, color, and harmony of what is Good

and Great, so that all life will feel at One with the Infinite's

exquisite, prismatic, cascading consciousness.


In deep humility and gratitude, I am saturated with this blessing,

and I fully accept this Truth. I let go. I let God. Humanity  and

all life is evolving on Earth. And so it is.


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